Aribella is the future daughter of Kitty and Johnny 13.

I forgot her bow in this pick ;)


Ari is very clingy when it comes to inaminate objects such as stuffed animals, a certian writing utensil, a certian rock, ect. Not only is she clingy with inaminate objects, but she can also be clingy with certian people and is very loyal to them, and will even risk her after life for them. She's very innocent and nieve, not getting most grownups. She hates to be alone and to be left, and is one of her greatest fears. She only has a few friends (not counting her inaminate ones) such as Box Lunch, Paige and Youngblood.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ari has short, lime green hair, much in a style as her mother's, but a little less messy and darker green eyes then her father's. Ari usually wears a purple button up shirt, but leaves in unbuttoned, with a red shirt underneath, a black skirt, and a dark red bow with dark red earrings. As she gains the appearance of a 14 year old, she wears a purple and red long sleave shirt with a black skirt, dark teal leggings and black boots with her long hair tied into a loose, dark red bow.


Box LunchEdit

The two first met when Ari was flying through the Ghost Zone and they ran into each other. They began conversation over each other's parents (with Ari's being Johnny and Kitty and Box Lunch's being the Box Ghost and the the Lunch Lady). After that, the two became friends and grew closer each day.


The two were introduced to each other by Box Lunch. The two became fast friends, but Box Lunch will always be the closest.


The two are close aquantinces. They hang out from time to time because of Box Lunch and Paige.


  • Ari got a 9 on her Mary Sue test
  • Ari is no doubt her creator's favorite fanon characters that she made up ;)



Aribella 2 Paint

Ari's first teen design. It changed majorly.

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