Danny Fenton by lujji

Daniel Masters is an only child and only son of Vlad and Maddie. He is fourteen year old and has been homeschool all of his life.


Early Childhood

Danny was born to Vlad and Maddie Masters. After Danny was born, Vlad and Maddie decide to do many things with theirs son. Danny life since he was born was recorded by both of his parents. As he grew up, he does everything with his parents. He was spoild with love from both of his parents.


Danny started to rebel against his parents when he turned thirteen year old. He listen to loud rock and heavy metal music. When he turned fourteen year old, he started to do more things with his parents. He tries his best to be alone, but yet his parents kept having him spent more time with them.


Danny schooling is at home and learn everything from his parents.

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