"Spectre vs. Phantom" - Season 1 slogan

Danny Phantom: Rise of Spectre is the sequel to the first series. Though Danny is still the title character, his role as the protagonist will be shared with a new character named Rick Mercer. The series takes place 5 years after Phantom Planet.


The series will center around Richard "Rick" Mercer, a former juvenile delinquent and a freshmen at Casper High. While a 20 year old Danny Phantom is now a living legend among the people in the world and became the protector of both Earth and the Ghost Zone. While having a normal live at school, Rick himself is a half-ghost, but uses his powers for crime to save his dying brother Cody as his "father", a powerful crime lord dosen't have enough money to keep him healthy. When Danny interfere in Rick's criminal activities, the Phantom became nothing more than a mere obession for Rick.


Main CastEdit

Greg Crips - Rick Mercer/Rick Spectre

Nolan North - Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom

Grey Delisle - Sam Manson, Valarie Gray

Tara Strong - Cody Mercer, Ember McLain, Penelope Spectra

Kath Soucie - Maddie Fenton,

Corey Burton - Umbrus/Anton Roarke

Wendie Malick - Ater

Rob Paulson - Jack Fenton, Nicolai Technus, The Box Ghost

David Kaye - Joseph Mercer

Megan Fahlenbock - Lucy Mercer/Lady Wraith

Johnny Young Bosch - Logan Mercer/Phantasm

Colleen Clinkenbeard - Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton

Christopher Judge - Clockwork

Bob Joles - Frostbite

Additional CastEdit

Krista Swan - Danielle/Dani Phantom

Mathew St. Patrick - Skulker

Jon Cryer - Freakshow

Michael Dorn - Fright Knight

Dave Boat - Vortex

Rickey D'Shon Collins - Tucker Foley

Haley Joel Osment - Richy Phantom

(More to come)


  • Danny will serve as the heroic main antagonist in season 1, while he later shares Rick's role as the protagonist for the rest of the series.
  • The story is inspired by Devil May Cry 4 and Prototype 2. As it involves a conflict between the old hero and the new hero.