Jared Greenwood is Danny, Sam, and Tucker's friend. He appears in the Special Power's Series by Hiway202 found on and AO3.

Appearance Edit

Jared is short with brown hair and blue eyes. He wears black eye liner at times.

Personality Edit

He has a swearing problem. He also tends to pinch people. He is very hot headed and get's in fights with people all the time.

Relationships Edit

Danny Fenton/Phantom Edit

Jared is not friends with Danny right away. He is very mad when Danny writes a note about him in class and he feels that he doesn't need help being shown around Casper High.

Sam Manson Edit

Jared is bugged by Sam, mostly because he is bugged by Danny and doesn't want anything to do with either of the two.

Tucker Foley Edit

Jared is also bugged by the techno-geek. He doesn't like Tucker's attitude around him.

Jullianna Fausette Edit

Jared's on again/off again girlfriend. At first he was bugged by her, but now he really likes her.

Lillian Greenwood Edit

Jared's little sister. He gets along with her amazingly well and they even play doll house sometimes.

Rodger Greenwood Edit

Jared's dad. He is a pilot and not around much. Jared has neutral feelings about him.

Powers Edit

Jared can control electricity. He can shoot it from his hands and take power away from buildings or restore it to them.

Appearances Edit

Banding Together Edit

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