Lilith is the fictional future daughter of Danny and Sam.
Lilith 1


Lilith is very perinoid and careful with her desicions, trying hard not to make the wrong wones. She's very down-to-Earth and nature friendly. She can't stand the human race in preasant time and wishes the world was like it was years ago (though when she and the gang go back in time and she sees all of the racism, she states that that's the only thing she didn't like). She claims herself as an adopted Native American Spirit. Even though Lilith is "all natural", she did inherit some of her parents love of video games. She is also the only one (out of two) of Danny's children that inherited his ghost powers, though it takes her a lot longer to gain them and get the hang of them. She hates her powers and will try aything to get ride of them (she onece was possessed by a ghost who "promised" her that he would take away her powers if she did him a favor, only to be betrayed), though she does like the idea of saving people. Once Lilith gains her ability to fly/float, she immeadiatly falls in love with it. She always goes on flights to blow off steam, or to think. Lilith is terrified of any kind of snake, just the thought of them makes her skin crawl.