Paige is a ghost girl who meets Lilith, Andre, Matt, Max, and Allison while they were exploring the ghost zone.


Paige is a young (in appearance) ghost girl who is also the adoptive daughter of Skulker and Ember. She died in the late 1990's at the age 10 or 11 but didn't find the couple until at least 20-30 years later. She absolutely hates being a ghost and misses her "fleshy form". She is friends with Lilith Fenton, Andre Fenton, Matt Foley, Max Foley, and Allison (her only ghost friend being Youngblood and Box Lunch). Paige is a very innocent and nice ghost (much like she was before she died) unlike her adoptive parents and is why she befriended humans.

Her Life Before She DiedEdit

Before Paige died, her life was very miserable and was abused by her parents. She had few friends but was content with that. Hearing people always want more bugs her to no end due to how selfish they're being. She died because of a couple of things including hunger, thirst, and constant beatings from her parents.

Her Life After She DiedEdit

After Paige died, she was confused about where she was, expecting to be in Heaven but instead she was misplaced in the Ghost Zone (like many of the other ghosts there) and searched for a way out and to Heaven, but once you're placed in the Ghost Zone, there is no spiritual way out. After eventually giving up on her quest, she wonders around, searching for a good place for a home, she stumbles upon Youngblood, who was currently trying to gather materials to egg Skulker, but due to not looking where she was going, she ran into him, causing him to drop all of his stuff, making him very cross with her. Almost immediatly, Paige feels sorry for him and apologizes, and told him her predicament and he reluctantly let her stay with him until she finds a place of her own. After a while, the two begin to warm up to each other, and became friends. After a few years, she accidentally runs into Skulker and is immediately intimidated by him. He examines her and states that she is to puny to capture her and states that Ember has been wanting a child and takes her home with him.
Paige 1

Paige as a ghost in RBH's style

Physical AppearanceEdit

As a human, Paige had long, wavy, light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She usually wore a grey sweat shirt and dark blue jeans and black boots. As a ghost, Paige's hair turns to a bright, cyan color and her eyes change to a bright, vibrant lime green and she wears the same kind of clothing, only the colors are opposite.

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