Trigon is evil full ghost created by the fusion of Dark Danny Phantom (AKA: Dan Phantom) and Pariah Dark and he is the main villain and the Arch-Nemesis and the Worst Enemy of Dany Phantom and he is the evil GOD of ALL Ghosts with control of the powerful Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire. While wearing both of these items, Trigon has Infinite Powers also he has Trident, Trigon is pure evil ghost, immortal and the most dangerous and powerful enemies Dany has ever face. Trigon is also good when in Human Form but Trigon is evil when in Ghost Form but not only, Trigon is teaching Dash's son to help him succeed in C.A.T Test considering Trigon is mentor of Dash's son in C.A.T Test but when Dash's son failed in C.A.T Test, Trigon avenge Dash's son to take down Dany because she surpass Dash's son and succeed in C.A.T Test. Trigon is half-human and half-ghost.


First Appearance:

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Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire: in order to reach his maximum power, he must have Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire, which gives him Infinite Power.

Trident: Trigon's Trident is most powerful than every thing!


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