Vlad Masters

Vlad Masters is a great businessman. He is a husband of Madeline Masters and a father of Daniel Masters.


Early Childhood

Vlad grew up in a family of six with one sister and three brothers. His dad was a huge businessman same with his mom. Vlad is the oldest child in his family. When he was very young his parents had him study a lot.


Vlad was sent to a privet school and study all the time. He worked hard on his studies. He even got started to set a business of his own. After setting up his business, he became rich at the age seventeen.


Vlad got into college and became best friend with his roommate Jack Fenton. Vlad decide to help Jack do his studies on ghost and became friends with Maddie. Vlad won Maddie heart and is still friends with Jack. Till this one accident that almost happened, Vlad decided to help Jack start a business called Ghost Hunting and Study.

Husband and Father

A few years later Vlad and Maddie got married and had a son A two years later after Danny was born, they were about to have another child, but it ended up not happening. So both Vlad and Maddie decided not to have another child. So Vlad went to the hospital and got everything token care of. When Vlad has to go on trips for his business, he takes his family with him.


Vlad owns a business that goes around the world. Righrt now he owns five different business. He sometime has to trival to different places around the world and would take his wife and son with him.


Madeline Masters

Vlad and Maddie met in college and at first they became great friends. Till after an accident that almost happened with Jack. The two decide to date and end up getting married after college. They are very in love with each other and care deeply for each other. Vlad and Maddie like to do show theirs loves for each other all the time.

Daniel Masters

Vlad and Danny are great together. Vlad is over protective of his only son. Some time they would fight, but yet they still love each other. When Danny would rebel agaisnt both Vlad and Maddie, Vlad will still love his son. Vlad tries to get Danny to do things that he want him to do.

Mr. Masters

Vlad and his dad Mr. Masters are not on the same level. But when Vlad get things done and make his business bigger, Mr. Masters would be proud of his son. Vlad tries to make his dad proud of him all the time. Vlad and his family would go visit his parents when they have time.

Mrs. Masters

Vlad and his mom has a great relationship with each other. Vlad tries to make his mom proud along with his dad also.